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Thursday, October 14, 2010


          There are a number of ways which I think can contribute in solving child abuse. For example, our legal structure can play an important role in solving this issue. However, as this issue is not under our control therefore, we can raise our voices. It is not necessary that parents of the children are responsible for bad habits in their children. Therefore, do not blame them and encourage them to restrain their children from bad habits.

           There are various programs and policies which have also contributed in child abuse. We should explore such programs and policies to work on them. Another thing which I think is the main reason for raising this issue is the media. This creates extremism in people as well. I suggest that we should stop believing on whatever the media says. Try to solve this issue at broader level and do not let it, as it is, by considering it a family problem. The best solution for the child abuse is to support such families which are facing these issues and show your sincere concern to them.

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